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IIT -UCEED – 2020

All Over India 9TH Rank

My hobby is drawing, so I joined the Venus NID class. There I learned about UCEED and NID entrance exams. The class helped me a lot with preparation of these exams. Their constant topic tests gives us an understanding of how much we have learnt and how much more has to be done, which is the best part of their coaching. This not only enhanced my knowledge and drawing skills but also helped to discover my particular style of working. The class and self-study helped me to secure good marks. Thankyou VenusNID Team.


NID 2020 IIT-UCEED – Qualify 2020

My experience of preparing for uceed, nid and nift was really good. I was determined to crack all three entrances and kept hunting for sources to get there. Your aptitude, gk , drawing skills ,speed and approach to problem are the keys to it. Solving multiple previous year papers have helped me for sure.

The class helped me to practice the keys in organized manner and provided honest reviews for improvement. It guided me to the right direction. Thank you Venus NID Classes for all your support and guidance.


M Des. NIFT 2020

All over India 36th Rank

This year I appeared for CEED, NIFT and NID for masters as I’ve been graduated from the same field, As I had no idea about the exam and exam pattern I joined Venus NID Classes and this class has helped me to achieve my goals through proper guidance.

As I was preparing for my exams, the main thing to remember is always be updated with things going around you, improve observation skills and drawing and design techniques. Success in exams is determined by many intrinsic factors. Because motivation represents an essential element of success, it should be born in mind that no preparation might yield positive results if you are demotivated. So the first thing to do is to try to ask yourself what motivates you to pass the exam. Do you want to attend a university course? Or is it just a need to realize a dream? What ever motivates you is the crucial drive for your success!


M Des. NIFT 2020

All over India 69th Rank

Venus foundation is the best path towards the design career. It not only give u knowledge but fullfil your roots to cherish your design career. I really enjoyed a lot learning with Amar sir. Your basics and fundamentals of design gets cleared and strong.


NIFT 2020 IIT-UCEED – Qualify 2020

Apart from food, shelter and clothing my necessity also includes drawing and painting. Yes it's true!

The best gift life gave me is 'National Institute of Fashion Technology(NIFT)'.....this is possible only because of sincere and genuine efforts put in by Amar sir. He kept me inspiring to do more and more creative work.....He always kept the ignition inside me..... This class not only gave me teachings in drawing and painting but also some life lessons.....

Let it be the creative material handling classes, boring aptitude lectures or day trips arranged just to make learning fun they did an amazing job..... We don't only have teachings but also many memories made together which are irreplaceable.....

Being a student of Venuss NID classes is like a 'Life time achievement' for me.....

Adity Chavan

NIFT - 2020 - Nirma Design School Ahmadabad 2020

I have been student of Venus Art Foundation class from std 4th. I learnt various types of drawing and completed foundation exams. After 10th I got introduce to designing feilds i.e NID ,NIFT and UCEED by this class. This is the best couching class for NID, NIFT and UCEED and different kinds of drawing. Teaching is excellent and motivating. Their valuable guidance will always help me in future. Thanks a lot.


Symbiosis Design School 2017 – 2021

Hey! This is Atharva Bhide, currently I am pursuing product designing from Symbiosis Institute of Design. When I was in 11th grade I came to know about designing Field. I started reading more about it and eventually developed interest in designing. I was very new to the term designing and I had no guidance as no one in my family belongs to designing background. I was interested in painting and sketching since my childhood, and so I was taking classes for the same from Venuss drawing classes, fortunately when I was thinking of making designing as my career and wanted to know about designing, the same year Venuss classes were starting with coaching for design entrance exam and I decided to join the classes as I was very comfortable with the teaching method of Amarr Paatiel sir.

Amarr Paatiel sir. So, I started preparing for my entrance exam. It was not easy to prepare as I had to start from the scratch, I started with what designing actually means. Then learnt about the basic elements of design and started exploring more, simultaneously I started making my portfolio which was one of the crucial part for entrance rounds. I used to sketch my ideas whenever they used to come in my mind, further adding I also started solving previous years entrance exam papers which helped me a lot with managing the time during exam. Learning about products, characters designing, working models helped me gain more practical knowledge which I apply to be current bachelor’s studies also. Designing is always about exploring, the more you do; more you will learn. Today I am a proud student of VenusNID Classes perusing my studies in Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID). In 2021 I will be a graduate in product designing but this is not the end because learning should never stop. I must say VenusNID Classes has helped to choose and guide me throughout this challenging journey.


NIFT – Mumbai 2019

All Over India 134th RANK

I have been student of Venus Art Foundation class from Std 10th. I learnt versatile types of drawing and completed my Grade exams also here. After 10th I got introduce to designing field opportunities by this class and I started thinking about it seriously after the team here made me realize. I would definitely recommend this class for anyone hwo wants to take this fiel as a career here. Teachers here are excellent and motivating. Their valuable guidance will always help me in future. Thanks a lot.


NIFT – Gandhinagar 2018 and IIT-UCEED – Jabalpur 2018

All Over India 54th RANK

Hi, myself Pushkar Khollam. My journey starts with passions and love towards painting and art expressions. i got to know about DESIGN when I was in 10th grade because of Venus NID Classes. I didn't know much about design, My guide and mentor Amar dada introduced me to it and various streams that come under it and that was the time when I thought that this is exactly my mind was looking for where then I made a choice to pursue my career in designing. Then I got to know there are entrance exams for each institute, Amar dada told me what the entrance exam actually is and he guided me immensely through this journey. The aptitude test, drawing test, situation test, interview.

Starting with daily sketching of simple objects to human figures in different situation, from designing ideas for products to making a prototype, the preparation for entrance exam started. Along with this I also started solving online aptitude test papers, past papers and test series conducted by the class. As a result, I got selected for NIFT & UCEED, but unfortunately lost for NID just for 0.3 points! I know it’s very close to edge; but somewhere my 0.3 points effort was less and hence this effect. For my NIFT round 2 I experimented with various materials which finally paid off a now I am an NIFTian.

Guys, follow your passion and believe me, hard work and right mentor will definitely land you up in your desired career as I am today just because of Venus NID Classes.

Siddhant Kulshreshta

IIT- UCEED – Jabalpur 2018

I always dreamt of aspiring to become a designer and Venus NID helped me to lead that way very smoothly. Venus NID gave me a vision about Imagination, its application, Drawings & Presentation skills. This personal attention by team here lead me to my destined design career. Thank you team Venus NID.

Manasi Pimpale

NATA – 2018 (marks-160/200 ) - Cummins College of Architecture Pune

Though I had very less time left for the preparation of NATA, I had enrolled for the crash course and it was an incredible learning experience for me indeed! The concepts being cleared very nicely and most important, they covered complete syllabus with speed as to get more time for practicing, as I joined a bit late and individual attention benefited me here. The complete team here is very cooperative and friendly.

Amar sir has been an amazing guide all throughout, preparing all the students academically as well as mentally for the entrance exams. It's been 6yrs now that I am connected with the foundation, and my Architecture journey wouldn't have started on such a good note if it was not for VenusNID Classes with me then.


NID –2018

I started building my basic drawing fundamentals and design concepts from Venus NID Classes which was very new and challenging to me but was made easy with practice and real life applications taught by the team here. Due to hard work and efforts taken by team and me I secured an admission in NID Kurukshetra. Today too I am using my foundation learnings to built my concepts that are way more stronger then my peers just because of Venus NID Classes. I owe my success story to this excellent team.