VENUS NID CLASESS: NID, NIFT, UCEED, CEED, IICD, NATA, BFA Entrance exam coaching institute. We are your creative guide.
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With a strong background in the visual art field, and over 15 years of experience, we focus on delivering a confined syllabus of Design and visual art to the students and develop their creative source and skill application. Venus NID Classes provides students with coaching for NID, NIFT, UCEED, CEED, NATA, and CET (Visual art) to get into the field of Design, Fashion, Architecture, Interior, and Visual art at graduate and post-graduate levels.

Our mission

Art is the closest medium of expression known to mankind and therefore its roots are deeply connected with our hearts. Therefore we are committed to help students having interest in design and visual art; to turn it into their career option! We believe that adding aesthetics to anything gives it a new life altogether, and therefore we train students with skill based learning and provide them with creative vision which helps a child to visualize his imagination and convert it into reality.

Why Venus?

  • Differential teaching as per the capacity of students with constant updating of one's levels.
  • Concepts introduced through problems.
  • After attempting questions on topics, solutions are discussed with the class. Readymade solutions are not provided as there cannot be any one solution for creative drawing questions.
  • Enquiry based learning.
  • Small class size (12 student’s batch) helps in individual attention and therefore focusing on strengths and weaknesses of students.
  • Solving exam papers from previous years and similar paper solving on term test basis.
  • Progression test at the end of each topic that helps to track progress of the child. Depending on score remedial assignments are done.
  • No homework policy.
  • Field trips and outdoor learning to improve observation and promote live drawings as to know physical applications of concepts taught in classes.
  • Annual art exhibition is arranged for students.


  • A well-equipped library that will help to find references and details of current and noted designs and designers.
  • Digital learning that helps facilitate better understanding.
  • Use of appropriate applications to teach some important topics.
  • Desktops provision is our additional source of learning and resource hunting that enables students to stay connected with the current art world and also stay away from cell phones!
  • Studio arrangement in a way that provides scope for interaction and peer learning.
  • Studio test, 3d art, paper modelling also is facilitated into the class.
  • Thought provoking videos, art installations, movies are screened time to time to boost their imagination capacity.
  • Institute provides “Art-kit” for students.
  • We also provide time to time printed notes for better learning of certain concepts.
  • Work presentation for parents.

Amarr Paatiel

Visual Educator & Director

Mr. Amarr Paatiel holds a double graduate degree along with masters in his field of Visual Arts and Design. Working for more than 10 years in this field he has strong knowledge and ideas of applicative skills. He has been jury member of many esteemed local as well as national level Art competitions. Along with a vast experience in conducting Workshops and guided sessions in schools & colleges; he has also been an active member in counselling parents and supporting students aspiring to explore this creative field. He has also been working toward creating Visual literacy in society with lectures and sessions. Successfully educating and directing students to Design field with more than 500 students he strives to bring a notable awakening along commons in Art education and opportunities.

Apurva Paatiel

Visual Educator

Having Degree and Masters in Fine Art and History of Visual Arts, which helps in dual approach towards theory and its application. With almost 8 years of teaching experience in schools/institutes and handling versatile curriculums from CBSE to IGCSE and IB; it has always been a supporting factor for developing content and delivering curriculum in required standards for online as well as offline portals. Organizing various Art exhibitions in forms of Art education, Gallery walks, Art curriculum seminars, painting displays etc. it has provided lot of scope in planning strategies for various forums. Author to books in art history and introduction to artist whose reference has been very much helpful to art learners and educators too. With an extensive experience in content development she strives for continuous development and upgradation of Academics.

Archana Pendse

Visual Educator

She is one of the leading professional in art history and research. She has already been working on penning down on Indian Art History which will have different facets like aesthetics ,religion, philosophy and relevance to art development in India, Basics of Indian painting, sculptures of India, how to interpret a painting etc. Having vast experience in teaching art history at colleges and master students. She has already presented few research papers at different summits. She is utilizing her strong forte very skillfully to inculcate the new vision towards art among the students and with the help of which students are finding it extremely handy in cracking different entrance examinations. She is artholic and striving to promote art education in the society as a whole.

Atul Kand

Visual Educator

He is one of the professional having very strong and clear thought process and master in the application of different learning strategies. Having sound knowledge and education in fine arts and animation. He has an experience of technical artwork and extensive practical experience in the field of 2D Animation. Also with some quality experience in school curriculum delivering he has easy adaptability with any age groups and therefore can cater to individual child’s need. He has built up a large network in terms of art happenings and directives that helps him give a distinctive vision for art students aspiring to make a future in designing and architecture too. He also specializes in 3 Dimensional working techniques with various mediums. He plays an important role of connecting parents with the institute and bringing in that artistic vision factor that helps molding students in house and at institute too.

Pramada Kamat

Mathematics & Logical Facilitator

Mrs. Pramada Kamat holds an Engineering graduate degree in Electronics and have special interest in Mathematics and Logical Reasoning. She has more than 10 years of teaching experience in Mathematics covering versatile curriculums ranging from Higher Secondary to Engineering. She had been coaching students for entrance exams such ICWA and CS for more than 8 years. She has been actively involved in supporting students improving mathematics and reasoning subjects which not only help the students to improve their analytical and logical thinking but also excelling in different entrance exams.

Harshad Sapre

Mathematics & Logical Facilitator

Harshad has completed his MBA in Finance from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management Pune, and holds a Bachelor & degree in Mechanical Engineering from Pune University. He has been in the forefrontof academic excellence right from his school years, and is skilled in subjects like Mathematics, Logic andEnglish. He has extensive experience in cracking competitive exams and is a scholarship holder withmeritorious achievements in exams like National Talent Search, Maharashtra Talent Search, Mathematics Scholarship, State Government Scholarship etc. He has a passion for teaching and believes in maintaining the highest standards of education. He has trained students in subjects like Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning, and puts special emphasis on conceptual understanding of the topic, problem-solving techniques and exam strategy. He is a driven professional who strives to cultivate a culture of excellence amongst students.